Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Welcome to our first post!

We are thrilled to begin our blog.
We are currently selling some of our items at: www.shanksisters.etsy.com

Shanksisters is the name of a small fabric arts enterprise begun by 2 sisters.
We are both talented in different areas.
Rose has an art degree, paints, sculpts, sews, has done sets and costumes and all kinds of fine art design.
Joey has a background in commercial art, sign painting, quilting, and design.

Rose has constructed the more elegant and provocative handbags that we offer. Joey has offered the handbags with CDs recycled as their inner base, and men's hat.

We are based in the Spokane area of Washington state. We are re-purposing and recycling as we come up with our fah-bu-lous creations.

We look forward to meeting others that are interested in some of the same things that we do.

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